The Server Room Show – Episode 66 – Cyber Security Awareness

Prologue Cyber security awareness refers to how much end users know about the cyber security threats their networks face and the risks they introduce. End users are considered the weakest link and the primary vulnerability within a network. Organizations allot funding to protect their networks from outside threats and reduce vulnerabilities. Being that end users are a major vulnerability, [...]

The Server Room – Episode 14 – 15 – Virtualization

Virtualization IntroTerminologyMainframe OriginsTypes of VirtualizationWhich ones I use? Intro Computers today have a lot of power (CPU , RAM , Storage, GPU)But is this power being used efficiently?The answer is no. Computers/Servers(in a sense of 1 server per application or task) are underutilised and the electricity it takes up is wastedVirtualization helps to solve this [...]

The Server Room – Episode 16 – Linux

Saturdays Topic: Linux and Some of the Apps I use on it What is Linux?What is a distribution?Window Managers and Desktop EnvironmentsWhich ones I personally use?Fedora LinuxSoftware applications What is Linux? Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel,an operating system kernel first released on September 17. 1991 by [...]

The Server Room – Episode 18-19 – Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes

Topic: Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes Monolithic Architecture Vs Microservices Architecture Microservices separate Business Logic funtions. Instead of One Big program (Monolyth approach) several smaller applications ( Microservices) are used. They communicate with each other through well defined API’s – usually HTTP. Monolithic Architectures are a tiered layered approach where one big single application including the UI [...]

The Server Room – Episode 20 – Distributed Systems & Distributed Computing

Distributed Systems & Distributed Computing Distributed Systems Distributed Systems: They are all around us. Google search engine, Amazon platform, Netflix, online gaming, money transfer/banking The most known form of it is the Client-Server model A Distributed System is a collection of separate /independent SW or HW components referred to as nodes that are linked together by means of a [...]

The Server Room – Episode 22 – 9 Tools for Working From Home During the #Covid19 Outbreak and Global Lockdown

https://opensource.com/article/20/3/open-source-working-home Jitsi video conferencing (Open Source, Self Hosting possible)https://jitsi.org/jitsi-meet/OpenBoard for presentation and whiteboard with record functionhttps://openboard.ch/index.en.htmlMicrosoft Teams for Linuxhttps://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/microsoft-teams-is-now-available-on-linux/ba-p/1056267Joplin personal notes to-do , can sync around with dropbox , nextcloud, etc.https://joplinapp.org/Riot team chat (Open Source, Self Hosting possible or use modular.im for hosted riot.im instance) built on the matrix protocolhttps://github.com/matrix-org/synapseOrganise rooms around whatever team, community [...]