Episode 100 – UltraEdit

An Idera Inc Company

Idera Inc. brands deliver the B2B software tools that technical users trust most. From database administration to application development to test management, our solutions help you do more for less so you can achieve your strategic goals.

Idera Inc. holds many brands including UltraEdit of which I will talk today in more detail.

Full List of Brands:

Idera – Powerful Database Management
Wherescape – Data Warehouse and Infrastructure Automation
Aquafold – Cross Platform Database Solution
Embarcadero – RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder , Interbase
Testrail – Web Based Test Case Management Solution
Sencha – Web Application Development Platform ( Javascript Framework)

UltraEdit – Text Editing Tools

UltraEdit is a market-leading suite of text editing tools for Windows, Mac and LINUX users. UltraEdit is renowned for its configurability and easy-to-use products, including UltraEdit, UEStudio, UltraCompare, UltraFinder and UltraFTP. The many hundreds of product features across UltraEdit’s suite of tools help a wide spectrum of users increase their productivity and make their daily tasks easier.

The Products FROM ultraedit

UltraEdit (Windows, Mac, Linux)
The World #1 Text Editor

UltraCompare (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Text, File and Folder Compare

UEStudio (Windows Only)
UltraEdit with Git integration and added functions

UltraFinder (Windows Only)
Powerful File and Folder Search

UltraFTP (Windows Only)
Powerful FTP Client

UE/UC Mobile Versions (Portable) (Windows Only)
Portable/USB versions of UltraEdit and UltraCompare products

CloudSync and Pieces for UltraEdit (beta) (Windows Only)
Sync Settings and Customizations across your machines
Manage Your Code Snippets


My favourite feature with the IDM Tool’s is as always the fact that at least the two main products are fully cross-platform UltraEdit and UltraCompare

They have versions for Windows , Mac and Linux and also Portable/USB versions (Windows Only).

For now the other three products in their offering UEStudio and Ultrafinder and UltraFTP are Windows only applications. I had some success however under Crossover v21 under Mac OS X and under Wine in Fedora 34 with these products.
I definitely hope for the future that as those tools mature along the way they become cross platform as well or at least running as smooth as possible under the wine emulation layer ( Wine under Linux which is the underlying technology for the commercial application CrossOver for Mac as well )

Why there is no Free version of Ultraedit Products such as UltraEdit or UltraCompare or the others? Is it open or closed source software?

First the elephant in the room. UltraEdit’s products are closed source products. While I myself a big advocate of Open Source software I do understand the need of having intellectual property such as a great text editors source code such as UltraEdit to be closed sourced.

Honestly. In the world of text editors and additional tools like Diff/Compare applications you simply can not make a living only from offering paid support for a tool which is rock solid and never breaks down. Enterprises love signing and paying for support for mission critical applications such as Operating Systems ( Red Hat Linux or Windows Server or HyperVisors such as VMWare) or Infrastructure Monitoring tools like Zabbix or Grafana or NagiosLS but I have never heard of them paying for support for their text editors in case it breaks down.

Combine this with the fact that if UltraEdit’s tools were open sourced for example on Git and being the solid they are never breaks what would make you stop of compiling those tools for yourself and just rock on?

But then what would make money for companies like IDM or others to keep being able to offer you great cross platform products if everyone compiled it for themselves or used the Free Edition? Would they still being able to afford to pay the developers who work bringing new features and rock solid stability to these applications you all love? Probably they would need to include annoying ads or telemetry or other ways to make money of their users data and turning it into hard cash they can use to keep the boat floating. Personally I prefer to pay a competitive but fair price for the application/s I love and use to make sure they are still with me tomorrow.

None of the above their products have.
No Ads, No Telemetry, Not Selling of their users data.

For UltraEdit to be able to expect its developers to bring quality and commitment to the table they have to be fed which is in the 20th and 21st century is made with a salary. The better the developer/s the more they cost. A lot more. Based on the tools such as UltraEdit or UltraCompare their developers are anything but cheap labour.

Also they have no free, limited set of features version of their apps. They do have trial versions for you to try out and see it for yourself and a 100% money back guarantee. Thats how sure they are about their product/s.

For me the benefit outweighs the cost literally. I prefer a tool which is closed source and a paid application being able to constantly bring out bug fixes, new features and push the limits further Vs an application which is open source and perhaps the developer/s abandon it in the middle of version 0.9 beta because of the lack of funds or time / commitment they can spare anymore for a project which bares no fruit.

Money on the table means commitment and expectations for both the company who develops the product and also towards the customers.

UltraEdit is doing it based on this closed source paid model in the lat 25 years and it looks like it works.Their main products matured over time and constantly adding new features while polishing bugs and imperfections here and there.


most flexible, powerful, and secure text editor out there and it is cross platform and I love it.

Power Tips for UltraEdit for Linux

Screenshot of UltraEdit on Linux / Ubuntu
The world’s best text editor is better than ever on Linux. The UltraEdit text editor for linux is ideal for C/C++, HTML, Javascript, XML, PHP, Python, and Java programmers… beginners, power users, and everyone in between.

Available as DEB , RPM or generic TAR

UltraCompare Pro comes free with your UltraEdit purchase
Together, UltraEdit and UltraCompare give you the ideal text and source code editor as well as the ability to effortlessly manage your changes, visually inspect your differences, and exercise quick and easy merge operations. It’s the only integrated editing/comparison solution of its kind.

UltraEdit does have its learning curve. It can be a pro or a con depends on how you look at it. It is way more powerful than a simple notepad or even Notepad++ is so you can not expect to be a master of it in one afternoon. There is a great community forum where you can get help to start out with UltraEdit and also a Wiki page and some tutorials but it takes time to master it. The cross platform nature at least for me makes it worth the effort as I know that I can take these skills with me no matter where I end up needing them the next time. Be it a windows or linux workstation or even an only apple products allowed wannabe startup I know I have the basics covered when it comes to working with text and my text editor

animation of IntelliTips in UltraEdit
Dynamic code auto-completion with IntelliTips
UltraEdit provides code-aware and context-aware auto-complete suggestions. See class members, function tips, and more for most modern porgramming languages…and configure as much or as little to suit your needs.
Best of all – it just works, out of the box. No risky third party plugins or esoteric config editing required.
animation of UltraEdit's multi-caret
UltraEdit features the most powerful and intuitive multi-caret editing and multi-selection capabilites in the business. Once your cursors or selections are where you want them to be, you can copy, cut, paste, select and delete just the same as you normally would.
animation of UltraEdit's column mode
Column mode
When editing horizontally just isn’t quite good enough, Column Mode is there for you. Use Column Mode to intuitively edit along the Y axis anywhere in your document. It’s just one of the many powerful ways UltraEdit helps you edit tabular data or code files.
animation of UltraEdit's FTP
Integrated FTP, SSH & Telnet
Whether you need to make quick edits to a file on a server or upload a massive codebase, UltraEdit’s integrated FTP capabilities and SSH/Telnet make it easy to work with remote files and interact with servers from a single, powerful application.
screenshot of HTML and Markdown live preview in UltraEdit
HTML / Markdown live preview
Want to see your rendered HTML or Markdown changes on the fly, as you edit them? UltraEdit’s live preview makes this possible. Double-click an element in the preview to jump to its definition in source. And with Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) code highlighting and compatibility, UltraEdit is the only editor you’ll need for your repos.

Key features

While the Linux version of UltraEdit does not initially include all of the features/functionality available in the Windows version, each future release will include additional functionality which is present in the Windows version but not yet available in the Linux version. Please check back frequently for updates on new additions on this link.

  • Easily open and edit large files – 4 GB and beyond!
  • Multi-caret editing and selection
  • Line change indicator
  • Column (block) mode editing
  • Powerful search: Find & replace in files, regular expressions, inverse search, etc.
  • File compare with integrated UltraCompare
  • Code syntax highlighting for nearly any programming language
  • Code folding and hierarchical function listing
  • Beautify and reformat source code
  • Powerful XML handling: XML tree, reformatting, validation, etc.
  • Templates
  • Integrated Ctags (symbols listing)
  • Password prompt for editing privileged files
  • Column markers
  • File and data sorting
  • Integrated FTP client (supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS)
  • Document navigation map
  • Filtered spell checker
  • Unicode/UTF-8 support
  • Split/duplicate window editing
  • Hex editing
  • Macros and scripts for automated editing
  • File encryption and decryption
  • CSV data reformatting
  • Powerful and configurable tools
  • Project support
  • Robust bookmarking

Top Features of UltraEdit ( for me)

Cross Platform
Intellitips code completion
Syntax Highlighting
Find and Replace
Delete Lines Containing String ( new from version X.X)
Smart Highlight All
Save and Close
Open Last Closed Tab
Save As and Leave
Dynamic XML and HTML Attribute Highlighting
Ability to Open and Handle Very Big Files with Ease


Power Tips for UltraCompare

UltraCompare gives you the ability to rapidly compare 2 or 3 files from multiple locations at once, and merge conflicts and differences visually.

Key features

  • Compare 2 or 3 files or folders at a time
  • Merge differences
  • Filter view to show just matches or differences
  • Highlight diffs by character, word, or line
  • Ignore whitespace, line endings, case
  • Ignore lines starting with, ending with, everything between…
  • Manually align compare
  • Edit files as you compare them
  • Paste and compare text snippets
  • Preview HTML files in browser
  • Scan and navigate differences with mini-map
  • Print compare result
  • Compare files from the Internet via URL
  • Compare files and folders from FTP/SFTP
  • Compare Word Docs (.doc/.docx), PDFs, and RTFs
  • Rule-based automated folder sync
  • Find and resolve duplicate files
  • Save and reload most used comparisons with sessions
  • Drag-and-drop folders and files to compare them
  • Native command line support
  • Integrate with Git, Subversion, CVS, more
  • Change application and compare colors with themes
  • Show compare vertically or horizontally
  • Save difference and result reports
With UltraCompare’s session functionality, you can have multiple comparison and merge sessions open in multiple tabs, each only a click away. Each session is like a new instance of UltraCompare, letting your run multiple types of operations, each with the appropriate configuration.
Ignore options
Ignore options in UltraCompare let you fine tune your comparison to ignore line terminators, white space, entire blank lines and more.
Find duplicates
UltraCompare’s powerful Find Duplicates functionality makes it easy to simply comb through your file system for pesky repeats. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.
Ignore/compare columns
Sometimes you only want to compare or exclude a known number of columns. This feature lets you specify which span or spans of columns you’d like to compare or exclude from comparison.
UltraEdit Integration
UltraEdit makes it easy to load a file straight from the editor and right into UltraCompare.


UEStudio & UltraCompare = git workspace
UEStudio integrates with your Git, Subversion, or CVS workflow.

Power Tips for UEStudio

Native integration of all your Git branches. Easily navigate your local / remote repositories. Edit. Save. Resolve conflicts. Merge. Push. Pull.

UltraEdit Vs UEStudio

Git editor

Why use an editor and a separate Git management tool? As a Git editor, UEStudio combines the world’s best text editor and the power of Git all within a single application. Edit and update your source files, then commit them with the stroke of a hotkey or the click of a mouse.

Preview Git markdown
Markdown is an essential ingredient of many Git repos. UEStudio features live preview for Markdown (and HTML) so you can update your repo’s README.md file and double-check formatting without ever opening your browser.

UEStudio is built upon the world’s best text editor, UltraEdit, and delivers additional features for teams and developers – like deep Git integration. You can clone, checkout, update, commit, push / pull, and more directly from within UEStudio to manage your Git repositories.
Easily manage and track your Git branches with UEStudio’s user-friendly branch manager. Create new branches, push, pull, merge, and rebase. See which branches are merged into the active branch, and easily checkout with a double-click.
Review changes to your Git repository’s working directory before you commit them with UltraCompare’s handy Git review mode. Select your repository, branch, and file, and see a text compare of the working copy of the file against the repository version.
UltraCompare gives you an easy way to see files with merge conflicts in the Conflicts window. From here, you can easily see how many conflicts you have to deal with, then resolve them in UltraCompare’s Git merge mode.

Prefer doing your Git work on the command line? UltraCompare natively integrates as Git difftool and mergetool so you can fire it up the GUI only when you need it.
Many common Git commands available are available in UEStudio’s project and explorer context menus. But if you enjoy the power and flexibility of the command line, you can run Git commands from the shell drectly from within UEStudio.

Review Git changes
Want to see what specifically you’ve changed in your repository’s working directory since your last commit? Open up your repository in UltraCompare and click on the different files for a quick text compare of the working copy and the indexed version.
Compare versions of files
Ever wanted to compare a file from a repo to a previous version of itself, or perhaps its state in a different branch? Or perhaps you want to compare your uncommitted changes to the HEAD version? UltraCompare’s Git version compare makes it this possible.


UltraFTP is a personal, stand-alone FTP client built upon the framework of other IDM applications like UltraEdit and UltraCompare. Designed with maximum usability and performance in mind, UltraFTP offers full theme support, session support, an explorer interface, drag-and-drop transfers, and more. Even better, UltraFTP integrates with UltraEdit/UEStudio, UltraCompare, and UltraFinder to provide a seamless editing and publishing experience both on local and remote systems. UltraFTP supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.

UltraFTP v21.00 includes one of the most highly requested features: synchronized browsing! When enabled, UltraFTP will automatically follow your local or remote navigation in the other pane. This feature is helpful if you’re working with the same folder structure on both your local system and FTP server.

V21 also includes a new Settings area with several useful options to tweak UltraFTP’s behaviors, including configuring file double-click action, setting whether files open in UltraEdit or UEStudio, and more.

With the new version, you’ll enjoy more seamless integration between UltraFTP and UltraEdit or UEStudio. As long as FTP accounts are shared between applications, UltraFTP will pass the remote file path to the other applications, allowing you to download, edit, and save back to the server directly. And launching a compare out of UltraFTP has been improved to provide a more intuitive experience.

screenshot of UltraFTP transfers
UltraFTP is designed for speed, efficiency, and security. With threaded transfers, multiple sessions, and broad server support, UltraFTP is the perfect for solution for both basic and power users of FTP.
screenshot of UltraEdit integration in UltraFTP
UltraFTP integrates seamlessly with other IDM applications. In addition to sharing FTP accounts among IDM applications, you can open remote files directly in UE / UES, edit and save them back to the server, compare local and remote files in UltraCompare, and more.
screenshot of local and remote folder sync in UltraFTP
Folder sync is a simple, intuitive and fast way to sync a local folder with a folder on your FTP server. Just click the Folder sync button in the ribbon, set your sync rule, then go.
screenshot of customizable UI in UltraFTP
Light or dark theme, widescreen or classic split pane view, local / remote panes or remote only…UltraFTP is designed with to accommodate the way your unique style of work.

Threaded transfers for max speed
Slash your transfer time by up to 25%? UltraFTP’s threaded transfer architecture is designed with performance in mind. When transferring large batches of files, UltraFTP stands alone, beating out the competition with transfer times up to 25% faster in some cases.
Preview remote files
Want to take a quick peak at a source file or an image on the remote server…without downloading it first? UltraFTP’s integrated File Preview allows you to see your local and remote files without having to open them externally.
UE, UES, UC integration
UltraFTP integrates seamlessly with other IDM applications. Launch a compare of two or three files or folders in UltraCompare. Edit an FTP file directly in UltraEdit or UEStudio. And best of all, with shared FTP accounts, your FTP sites are accessible in all your IDM applications.


Power Tips for UltraFinder

UltraFinder is your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers!

Find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds…on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server! UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere. UltraFinder also allows you to find duplicates and eliminate or delete duplicates, keeping your computer clean and uncluttered while conserving hard drive space. Search your way with a variety of settings to tweak your search to perfection.

Your Windows operating system offers limited find options — UltraFinder includes two powerful but quick and easy to use modes for finding what you need when you need it: Find Files and Find Duplicates.

screenshot of UltraFinder search
UltraFinder can locates files by their name or contents. With support for plain text, PDF, Word doc and other Office files, and the ability to find files on your local, network, or even FTP drives, there’s almost nothing UltraFinder can’t find.
screenshot of UltraFinder search options
Duplicate files create clutter and eat valuable system disk space, but who has the time to manually search for duplicate files on a drive or server? UltraFinder makes it easy to locate and clean up duplicate files on your system.
screenshot of find duplicates in UltraFinder
Want to find matches by pattern or filter? Set up a regexp search for maximum flexibility. Want a faster search on your hard drive? Search the Master File Table (MFT) directly. Countless other options make it a breeze to tune your search to your exact liking.
screenshot of UltraEdit integration in UltraFinder
UltraFinder integrates seamlessly with UltraEdit and UEStudio. Take any number of results and send them over UltraEdit for editing, or launch an UltraFinder session directly from UltraEdit / UEStudio.
screenshot of UltraEdit integration in UltraCompare
Want to verify a couple of duplicate files are actually duplicates before you delete them? Or want to see differences between two files from your file search? With UltraCompare integration you can easily launch a compare of the two files.

Key Features

  • Master File Table (MFT) search methods for lightning fast results
  • Search for files by content or by name (partial or full)
  • Search file contents or file names with regular expressions (Perl, Unix, and UltraEdit native)
  • Search network or FTP locations
  • Specify specific folders, entire drives, or even specific files as search targets
  • Filter subdirectories, file names, and file extensions to exclude from the search
  • Search based on whole or partial word match
  • Search for case sensitive matches
  • Negative search (find files that DON’T match)
  • Search for text in PDF files
  • Search for text in Word documents (.doc/.docx)
  • Search folders or entire drives
  • Search duplicates by a variety of criteria:
    • Content
    • Name
    • Dates
    • Size
  • Tweak duplicate searches with a variety of criteria settings (file dates, file sizes, etc.)
  • Ignore special case files like 0-byte, system/hidden files, Recycle Bin files, etc.
  • Set include/exclude filters for files and folders
  • Powerful searches using regular expressions (Perl, Unix, or native)
  • Resolve found duplicates (rename, delete, move, open)

CloudSync and Pieces for UltraEdit

Make every system your favorite system!

still image
Available as an option for our popular subscription products, Cloud Sync empowers you to instantly and securely share, sync, and deploy your settings across all personal systems or team instances. With Cloud Sync, sync your:
  •  Application settings
  •  Themes
  •  FTP & SSH accounts
  •  Macros & scripts
  •  Layouts
  •  Wordfiles
  •  Templates
  •  Taglists

Want to backup or restore a system? Cloud Sync does it! Need even more mojo? Soon you’ll be able to share files and snippets too!


Is it secure?

Absolutely. Cloud Sync is hosted on Google’s Firestore platform. As such, your sync data is protected by the tightest security available for any cloud. Additionally, you choose what settings and information can be synced through the cloud, and all synced data is encrypted from endpoint to endpoint. Your synced data is only shared between your installations of UltraEdit and can’t be read by anyone or anything else.

See sync details

View information about your last sync for each setting in the “Details” tab. If your system isn’t set as the master system, you can click the Make Master button to do so. The Edit Nickname allows you to rename your current system. And if you want to remove the system from the sync account, click the Remove System button. In this view you can also review your current cloud contents and sync details.

Reset a system

Also at the bottom of the “Details” tab is the Reset System button. Because your settings are secured and merged into a master sync snapshot in the cloud, this button enables you to restore settings from the cloud back to your master system, for example in the event of a system failure.

Review all synced systems

Open the menu and click the “Instances” option to see a listing of all systems under your sync account. See which system is master, the last sync time, and the sync direction for each system.

Cloud Sync is just the beginning of IDM’s Cloud Services… Meet Pieces for Ultraedit

Get more done with file & snippet sharing!

Effortlessly save, find and reuse code snippets and files straight from UltraEdit!

Never leave your editor.
Pieces for UltraEdit is designed with your workflow in mind. Save and reuse code across many files on right click.

Organize, search, and browse your snippets.
Launch Pieces Desktop to browse and search your snippets.

Pieces is an application ( Windows and MAC Only) https://code.pieces.app/ which integrates with Your existing IDE and let you save code to the cloud.

With Pieces for UltraEdit, you can…

  • Save code you reuse across many files
  • Save code you’re about to delete in case you need to get it back
  • Save code when resolving merge conflicts so you can get it back easily if needed
  • Temporarily drop code into Pieces that you know you’ll need to move soon
  • Save a snippet from Stack Overflow or any site directly to your editor
  • Save notes and example snippets for reference from an article or docsite
  • Create a knowledge base of key snippets for new hires / contributors
  • Share code, scripts, and more with colleagues so they can insert wherever they want
  • Store templates that you reuse often – HTML structures, CSS blocks, JavaScript loops, switch cases, imports, class structures, function blocks, decorator objects, and more
Use anonymously or with an account.
Run Pieces right off an install without signing up or in.
Want to access your Pieces across systems or share through the cloud (when available)? Set up an account to sync your Pieces and Pieces Desktop settings.

Send snippets to UltraEdit with the Chrome / Edge extension.
Add the Chrome / Edge web browser extension for Pieces to send selected code and snippets from any site or page to UltraEdit. Get the extension

thumbnail graphic of Pieces for UltraEdit
Save code from UltraEdit to the cloud
Stop re-writing the same code. Store snippets and and files in Pieces. Access from any instance or machine.

thumbnail graphic of Pieces for UltraEdit
Blazingly fast search
Find just the right code when you need it. Pieces auto-indexes by language, structure and more.

thumbnail graphic of Pieces for UltraEdit
Effortless upload
Right click/send snippets right from inside UltraEdit without breaking your flow.
thumbnail graphic of Pieces for UltraEdit
Beam a snippet straight from Pieces to your cursor in Ultraedit
Dark mode / light mode
Works offline
Share snippets with colleagues (coming soon)
Save screenshots, URLs and other types of content (coming soon)

Perpetual Vs Subscription model ( IDM All Access )

Perpetual – Boxed Copy of the actual version of the application ( with free upgrade to the next release included ). In case of UltraEdit it comes with UltraCompare Pro included. Your personal license is valid up to 3 installation any combination of platforms ( You get the Windows/Mac/Linux versions and can have 3x concurrent installations with one personal license )

Subscription – It is a subscription model which means you have it until you maintain your subscription active. The All Access Subscription costs 100 $USD and includes everything IDM Offers including UEStudio and the mobile/portable versions of the tools while it provides up to 5 unique installs Vs 3 Unique installs coming with Perpetual Licensing model per application. However when it expires the applications stop working and you can either renew your subscription or convert on a per application basis to a perpetual licensing model which comes with free upgrade to the next release only Vs the constantly having access to the latest version as with the subscription model. (( Perpetual licensing could be significantly more expensive if You need more than just UltraEdit and UltraCompare bundled with it ))

UltraEdit with UltraCompare ( Win/Mac/Linux versions ) valid for 3 separate installs with your personal license and upgrade to the next release for free costs 120 $USD.

The UltraEdit Suite + Mobility containing UE, UC , UF, UFTP except UEStudio and the mobile/portable version costs 190 $USD.

UEStudio , UltraFTP and UltraFinder under Crossover v21 under Mac OS X and wine under linux

UEStudio 64Bit for Windows installed in a prepared MobaXterm Bottle I had there with a lot of pre-requisites already inside Crossover v21 under Mac OS X Monterey 12.0.1
UEStudio 64Bit for Windows >> Some text elements looks like they are missing but overall much better than what I have expected.. Lets use it a little bit.
UEStudio 64Bit for Windows >> The Ribbon / Menu elements are all there.

UltraCompare for Windows >> Inside Crossover v21 under Mac OS X Monterey 12.0.1
UltraFinder also seems to work under Crossover v21. The missing font I hope I can solve installing some missing dependencies.

UltraFTP also seems to work under Crossover v21. The missing font I hope I can solve installing some missing dependencies.

I had MobaXterm Bottle already up and running prepared for another article with a lot of pre-requisites installed (.NET versions and Visual C++ Redists , etc) I used this pre-existing bottle to try to install UEStudio 64bit version for Windows together with UltraCompare for Windows and UltraFTP and UltraFinder inside there. The installations completed OK.

The experience was/were the same under Wine with Fedora 34 as expected as CrossOver is based on the underlying technology of Wine.

I really think UEStudio, UltraFTP and UltraFinder are on a great track to be 100% usable under Wine. Native Linux apps would be the best of course but if it can run perfectly under emulation layers like Wine under Linux that is good enough for me for now.


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