The Server Room Show – Episode 8 – GNS3

GNS3 – An Open Source tool to learn and discover more about networking and prepare for certificate exams as well

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The Server Room Show – Episode 3 – SBC – Single Board Computers

The Server Room Show Episode 03

SBC – Single Board Computers

SBC – Single Board Computers ( f.e: Raspberry Pi, Lattepanda Alpha, RockPi 4B, PC/104 – stackable PC standard )

  • What are SBC (Single Board Computers) or Maker Boards? 
  • Which one to pick? Different Architectures for Different Projects? 
  • What can I do with them? A few Project ideas


Pihole DNS and AdBlocker on Your Network on a Raspberry Pi

Lattepanda Alpha for a Small Linux or Windows or Hacintosh Machine You can carry with Yourself.

OSMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi

Rockpi 4B

Volumio – Stream Your Music to Your HiFi with Raspberry Pi and Volumio

Acer Revo Build as an interesting thing when it comes to ,,stackable computers” in a way….

VxWorks RTS Operating System

PC/104 Standard

Raspberry Pi Alternatives